Mon to Fri 09:30PM


Madhubala – It is the story of Madhubala who was born on a film set. While working as a beautician to support  her family she encounters Bollywood superstar Rishab Kundra (RK) which  eventually leads to a marriage. RK betrays her and a vicious circle of revenge begins on Best Entertainment Tv Channel – H Now.

Piya Albela

Mon to Fri 07:30PM


Piya Albela  – It is modern interpretation of the classic love story of Menaka and Vishwamitra.The plot revolves around two poles apart characters Naren and Pooja. Naren is on the path of spirituality while Pooja is a talented karate girl who dances like really well on Best Entertainment Tv Channle – H Now.


Mon to Fri 09:00PM


Swabhiman Show – Sharda, a single mother, goes through numerous hardships to give her young daughters a good upbringing in a male-dominated society Watch Swabhiman Show on Best Entertainment Tv Channel – H Now.


Mon to Fri 10:00PM


Jhooti  – A story of a love that must overcome the barrier of memory, where glamorous nightlife and casinos play a prominent role in a plot characterized by mysterious twists and turns, espionage, conspiracy, intrigue, crime, and romance – Jhooti Only on Best Entertainment Tv Channel – H Now.


Mon to Fri 08:00PM


Mahrani – It is the story of Mahrani, an iron lady who disguises herself as a boy to avoid being given as “human tribute” to the Mongol Yuan Empire on Best Entertainment Tv Channel – H Now.

Hot News

Sat 07:00PM


Hot News – Watch Movie Reviews, Latest Movies Ratings, Hollywood And Bollywood on H Now Breaking stories News latest movies released and More Only on Best Entertainment Tv Channel – H Now.

Health Crime

Wed 10:00 PM


Health  Crime – The worst crime is one that plays with the health of the nation and can kill millions. Health Crime team travels across Pakistan to expose these criminals.

Common Sense

Sat & Sun 6:30PM


Common Sense – Host Sharry goes around the town in an effort to showcase your common sense. From tongue twisters to simple riddles to everyday observances, this show tickles your funny bone while forcing you to think creatively. Being an interactive road show only on Best Entertainment Tv Channel – H Now.

Undekha Wajood

Sat 11:00PM


Do ghosts exist? Are demons real? Is that a genie? Find out answers to these questions on Undekha Wajood visit the haunted places and search for the Undekha Wajood in this paranormal show.