About Us – H Now is a 24-hour Family Entertainment Channel

We respond to the diverse needs of our viewers, offering a complete spectrum of genres from thrillers to dramas, events to comedies, game shows to quiz shows and so much more! Relevant, engaging and entertaining, our stories are meant to dissolve differences so we appreciate each other and laugh together more.

Zaberdast Entertainment

We are a powerhouse of lighthearted family-friendly entertainment.

Behtereen Stories

We tell amazing stories every day.Consistently presenting extraordinary ideas that outperform markets.

Aala Creativity

We believe we’ve got the power to transform our lives. Our viewers transcend the ordinary with us.

Khaas People

Our partners are extraordinary people, who’ve joined us on the journey to revolutionize entertainment in Pakistan.

Our New-Age Content Is Perfect For Pakistani Audience, Uniting Them With The World, Through The Power Of Global Entertainment.

Our shows are extraordinary, because we go beyond the standard. And we know that our people, our audiences, our partners and our stakeholders are quite extraordinary too. Together, we create magic every day.

Our Vision

We want to create and deliver content that entertains and enriches our audiences. Our vision is to create exceptional values for our customers and views, offering innovation, creativity and of course… unbridled entertainment.

Our Mission

To use best professional practices to ensure long term continuity of entertainment that truly matters to Pakistani audiences. We want to create and curate outstanding content that interests our viewers and is relevant to a wide range of audiences.