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Karachi Can Now Dine In The Sky

Dinner In Sky Now In KarachiGood news for the foodies of Karachi. After the success Karachi Eat. Dinner in the sky is coming to Karachi. For the people who don’t know it is, it’s the famous David Ghysels’s dinner. The dinner hangs 150…

Zainab’s killer arrested!

On January 23rd February police official announced that the killer of a minor Zainab has been arrested. He confessed on his sins in an interrogation. Muhammad Imran a 24 year old resident of Kot Road, Kasur, where Zainab also use to live.…

Lux Style Awards 2018 Nominations

The most awaited ceremony of the year is finally here. Lux Style Awards finally released all the categories and nominations for this year’s (2018) most prestigious awards.FILMS Best FilmBalu Mahi Chupan…

Karachi Eat! Festival 2018

Eat Festival - The most anticipated event of New Year was the Karachi Eat Festival. This year marks the 5th year anniversary of the food festival, this year the location was change to Shadeed Benazir Bhutto Park. The event continued for…