#RIP KoKoKorina – A Timeline of Coke Studio’s Colossal Mess Up!

On 19th October, The World Lost Faith in Coke Studio Pakistan.


This is how it started…

…and then all hell broke loose as the video went on to garner twice the number of dislikes as compared to the likes. This was unheard-of for a Coke Studio video…

The fans had spoken. The song was bad… very, very bad.

It was a sacrilege against a timeless Pakistani classic and the people were not willing to forgive OR forget. After bashing Coke Studio’s Ko Ko Korina got on YouTube, it was only a matter of time until the anger got to Facebook and Twitter.

The night was lit with some hilarious memes!

Yeh toh sach hai…

Nazrein milein… dil dharkaa..

Meri dharkan ne kahaaa….



Khan Sahab… kya horaha hai aap kay Naye Pakistan mein?


Momina Jaani… WOT IZ?


But All That Was Just The Beginning To ‘Bisti’ of Epic Proportions!

The people of Pakistan had deemed the song a violation of their basic human rights. Some wanted to pour iron in their ears, while others were willing to donate their music systems to CJP’s Dam Fund. The nation was angry, and needed a someone who’d get their voices heard!


Enter Dr. Shireen Mazari, Minister For Human Rights, Govt. of Pakistan!

“Horrendous! Destroyed a great classic – why oh why did Coke Studio allow such a massacre of this classic song?” Mazari tweeted on Sunday evening.

We can all tell very well, that this is a non-political tweet. The esteemed Human Rights minister is first and foremost a human, and therefore entitled to her opinion and like any other fan of Pakistani music she is clearly shocked and disappointed at the way the duo sung this song.

But Momina Mustehsan believes that Dr. Mazari is representing us all, and has no rights to share her personal opinion on Twitter, even though that’s what the social media platform is for. The cutie-pie fired back:

The resulting exchange was probably the only dose of reality Momina has had in a while:

Later, Momina apologized for her tweet, saying Shireen Mazari had every right to judge and express outrage.


The People Vs CokeStudio’s Ko Ko Korina: #IStandWithShireenMazari

A new hashtag emerged as people started siding with the Minister. It seems that Dr. Mazari was representing us all by defending our human rights against the annihilation of music and art.

Ahad Raza Mir Couldn’t Stay Away, Even If He Tried!

In a series of tweets aimed at Mazari, Ahad Raza Mir said that one should be kind even in criticism as it goes a long way. He stated that Ko Ko Korina was a cover and that ‘a cover is meant to deviate from the original. It’s not supposed to sound or feel the same. And at the end of the day…it’s a song.’

In his last tweet, Ahad urged people to respect artists and stated his resolve to continue to work in winning people’s confidence and trust with future projects.

Phew… It’s Exhausting to Keep A Track of All These… OPINIONS!

Ko Ko Korina debacle is a case study of how one bad product can bring down one of the finest brands in the history of Pakistan. But say what you may, this freak of a song has divided the nation, some willing to go to any extent to support our ‘artists’, while others who consider talent the only measure of artistry.


Dr. Mazari’s daughter weighed in saying…

Sajal Aly took to Instagram to support her fellow artists:

Ko Ko Rina

Ali Gul Pir peechey kaise rehte:


And then came Waheed Murad’s son, Adil Murad. He profusely apologized to the fans for letting Coke Studio ruin his father’s classic.



Tapu Javeri had it right when he said…


In case you aren’t sure if this really was such a big deal to begin with, we are leaving you with the original 1966 version of Ko Ko Korina, sung by Ahmed Rushdie… enjoyz lein..