‘Donkey King’ Cast Includes Industry Veterans – All You Need To Know!


Pakistan film industry is growing fast and signs of progress are evident for all to see!

2018 started with a bang thanks to locally produced animated feature films ‘Allahyar’ and ‘The Legend of Markhor’ both of which received international acclaim for beautifully using the Unreal Engine 4’s real-time rendering into its production stage.

And now Talisman Studios are ready with their homemade animated project “The Donkey King” that promises to be “fun for all ages”. This makes it different than all the other animated movies that were marketed to children only.

While we are thoroughly impressed with the teaser of the animated movie, what has left us more excited is the revelation of who’s behind the voices of Donkey King.

If it isn’t already evident, Rambo Rambo Jaan Rambo was a major inspiration behind the title character, and the actor who played that role, voiced this one as well. That’s right, Afzal Khan is the voice behind Mangu.

The second character is that of Fitna Lomri (fox); and as a pleasantly surprising fact it is now revealed that the voice of Fitna will be given by none other than the talented Hina Dilpazeer!

In addition to Hina and Afzal, the cast of Donkey King includes veteran actors Ismail Tara and Javed Sheikh.


Now this is what you call a power packed combo – and to see Afzal and Hina acting (behind the scenes though) would be quite entertaining for audiences of all ages. And if that’s going to be the whole movie – the glimpse of what we have seen – it’ll be more than worth the price of a ticket!

The movie is releasing in theaters across Pakistan on 13th October, 2018.