Eva Zubeck, Known For PIA Kiki Challenge, Shows Beautiful Karachi In Recent Vlog


Pollish vlogger Eva Bianka Zubeck, who earlier came under fire for doing the Kiki challenge on a PIA flight with the Pakistani flag wrapped around her, visited the City of Lights, Karachi, and fell in love with it.

Eva, in collaboration with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), filmed her day in Karachi and shared her experience in the Pakistani city.

She started her trip with Empress Market then visited the Quaid’s mausoleum, Mohatta Palace and Tariq Road. She had some street food at Burns Road. The vlogger then went to the beach where she had a camel ride and finally concluded her trip with dinner at Do Darya.

This was how Eva fell in love with colorful and vibrant Karachi.

Watch here: