Korean Dramas in Pakistan

Written By: Saherish Fatima


Korean Fandom In Pakistan

There was a time when Pakistani channel televised various Chinese movies, dramas along with Japanese dramas as well. Since then I am fond of Chinese, Japanese dramas and I still remember those kung fu themed historical dramas. Later in late 2000, Pakistani channels televised a Korean drama and of course being a fan of historical Chinese dramas. I thought it would be Chinese so watched that without knowing it was actually a Korean drama. I didn’t realize it at that time but, after that, in 2015 one of the Pakistani channels aired the same drama. Which, I though, was a Chinese series in Urdu language.

Yes, this was for the first time ever in the history of Pakistan, before that they were telecasted in English and Hindi. At that time I was so surprised and glad. I watched the whole series for the second time and again in Korean language with English subtitles. Yes, “Jewel in the Palace” was my first Korean drama which I watched three times. After the success of this historical drama, another Pakistani channel aired “Rooftop Prince” in Urdu, and these days “Empress Ki” is being televised in Urdu from another Pakistani Channel (H now).  All these three dramas are historical based but Rooftop is a combination of Chosun Dynasty to modern day Seoul.

I became a Kdrama fanatic from 2015.

I don’t remembered any Korean actor or actress’s’ names but used to call them by their character names. Like, Daejangguem, my love from another star actor was and still alien for me, although I know his name now. Healer is still healer where as he is none other than Ji Chang Wook. If we talk about latest dramas Gongyoo from Goblin is still Ahjussi for many of their fans like me, same goes to grim reaper that was lee dong wook.

Korean dramas are really popular in Pakistan but since we all have to watch them online so many people are unaware but, thanks to our Pakistani channels like H now, we are getting somewhere. And yes, we TV watchers need a great change.

I have met many Pakistani K-drama lovers during this time period, more than I could have only imagined. We love to discuss with them, argue with them. I used to search for Pakistani kdrama related groups and pages. But, found only pages and discussed with my friend to create a group for Pakistani Kdrama watchers. It makes me really happy to see so many Korean drama lovers from Pakistan and they discuss their own likes and dislikes, sometimes many of us agree some disagree, vice versa.

Korean dramas have a certain charm that has led to their eventual success in countries all over the world. That charm lies in how quintessential they are; the stories, the good looks of the celebrities, and even the romances adhere to this pattern.

Pakistani Media

One thing I have noticed that they don’t use same stories always, unlike us Pakistani and Indians who always prefer to watch Saas Bahu type stories. Yet, Pakistani dramas are way different from Indian dramas and even Indians appreciate and like Pakistani dramas too. Similarly, Korean dramas are all about their school issues, friendship, mystery, crime, and kpop musical idol problems. There are so many topics they can discuss and create an amazing drama.

The scenario in Pakistan is, we Korean drama lovers are calling these actors an Oppa and actress a Nona or an Eonnie. Yes, it’s because of Korean drama influence, we have started calling each other eonnie (girl to girl). For friends we are using Chingu, few words like Daebak and swag instead of amazing, Selca instead of selfie, and the most important word Saranghaeyo which means I Love You. Yes.. This word is now being used everywhere and only Korean drama watchers can relate all these words this has become trend.

In the end I would like to say, if you haven’t started any kdrama yet, then go ahead and try it for yourself, I suggested few of my friends for the first time and now they are like me KDRAMA Fanatic, believe me. You never know may be you will come to love Korean dramas too.