Momina Mustehsan shared her old pictures and we can’t handle it!


Momina is so cute, Don’t you agree?

Budding Pakistani singer and social media sensation Momina Mustehsan has shared some throwback pictures. Young Momina looks cuter and chubbier in the pictures which she most likely took during her teens.

Sharing the pictures on her Instagram, Mustehsan said that according to Facebook, these pictures are from 10 and 9 years ago.

She was surprised at how time flies. “Facebook tells me these two pictures are from 10 and 9 years ago. Crazy how time flies!! ✈️? #MajorThrowBack”

Earlier, she set a new record of likes at the social media as about 100 million people from Pakistan. And abroad liked her songs at You-Tube.

Momina said that she had been criticized on the social media in the past which disappointed her. She said that despite frustration, she continued her practice of music.


The singer said that thereafter, people started liking her songs on You-Tube and the number of those liking her songs reached 100 million.

She said that her songs had also been liked by people in Coke Studio, which contributed to her unprecedented promotion the social media.