October Movie Releases: We Can’t Wait to Watch These Movies!


The spooky, scary, sexy season is here and it’s pumped full of amazing films that are ready to transport you to a world of wonder, drama, romance, comedy and of course, blood and gore. You’ll find these October movie releases evoke every emotion you can think of … fear, anxiety, happiness and even pain!

October is the month of comebacks in Bollywood, Kajol and Govinda have new movies coming out this month. In Hollywood, Jamie Lee Curtis is all ready to kick butt with the 40th anniversary reboot of ‘Halloween’ the movie.

So, go on, lock those doors, stay away from dark alleyways, try not to run into any spooky ballerinas this October… oh and also, motel stays are a big no-no, because monster season is here, and in full effect!

Here are all the movies we’ll be watching this month.


Lady Gaga like you’ve never seen her before. If predictions are any indications, this movie is all poised to take home several Oscars. The movie is a remake of a 1973 film of the same name. It not only stars Bradley Cooper but is also produced by him. He plays an older wiser mentor-turned-lover to Gaga’s character. This musical drama is all set to break our hearts in a few days!


We’ve been waiting and waiting for this latest installment from Sony’s Marvel Universe. And it’s almost here to booked out screenings all over the world. Tom Hardy looks devastatingly good as Venom: a superhero/super villain and all alien parasite. Others in the cast: Michelle Williams & Riz Ahmed. We’ve already got our tickets, have you?


Javed jaffri is back with a frighteningly loud and horrifyingly haunted BANG! The movie is written and directed by Prabhuraj, who is already known well in Bollywood for his scary aesthetics. We can’t wait for this horror thriller.


Govinda’s back y’all!

Really though, we loved the trailer, the comedy and drama that is so reminiscent of the 1990’s movie-making style, we though we were having a flashback! Directed by Abhishek Dogra, the movie also stars Varun Sharma, Sanjay Mishra, Rajesh Sharma etc., in the lead roles. FryDay is expected to be a laugh riot.


Ryan Gosling is a man on a mission… to the moon. This movie is all set to make the bog waves come award season. And it seems like a pretty decent watch too. though heavy on the drama and thrills. Gosling plays Neil Armstrong, and we have high hopes for this biopic.


We relate!

Seriously though, who doesn’t have family members with horrendous political views? The Oath stars Tiffany Hadish and John Cho, who come around the dining table at Thanksgiving, only for a political face-off of the extreme kind. This results in a hilarious situation and enough people saying the word “triggered” that you’ll wish the word never existed to begin with.


Kajol plays the mommy! Yes she has finally accepted that it’s time to move on to more motherly roles but that doesnt mean she won’t show off those excellent acting chops of hers at every occasion. This one’s a comedy drama about a middle-aged mom who’s out to find herself, and annoys her child a plenty in the meanwhile. We call it cute!


The Baap of all Halloween horrors is back, Jamie Lee Curtis wants none of his shit! Forty years ago, Michael Myers terrorized a town and killed teens. Worst of all, he ruined stripes for good-natured people who don’t want to kill anyone. Four decades later, Michael is back in the wild, and the only thing scarier than his release is the hell Laurie has planned for his return.


Alright, alright, alright! McConaughey is back and he’s got Hathaway with him. The trailer doesnt give away much of the movie, but it does let us know that there’s plenty of blood, gore and thrills in this movie. So obviously, it’s made it to our October watch list.


This one’s a Bollywood coming-of-the-age comedy-drama, depicting the story of a young man named Nakul Kaushik, who manages to accept the fact of having a new sibling in his life at the age of late 20s. It’s side-splittingly hilarious.Just watch the trailer!


The drama thriller follows the lives of  several Mumbaiites. We are watching this one because Mahesh Bhatt will be in front of the camera, playing the role of a painter. It’ll be interesting to see him act and not just direct.


It isn’t Halloween until someone is possessed. This time around it’s Dakota Johnson, playing the role of a ballerina who got in with the wrong crowd of witches. Suprisia is one of those unnerving films that asks just what you’re willing to do for success. In this case, it might just mean getting possessed by spirits that don’t care about your plié all that much.