Unlikely Friendship Blooms Between PeeCee and No One’s Favorite Stark Sophie Turner

The Devrani-Jethani Duo is Bonding in a Major Major Way and We've Got Receipts!


Game of Thrones premiered in 2011. This was the year Priyanka Chopra mainly blew our minds with her performance in 7 Khoon Maaf. We reckon both Sophie Turner and PeeCee didn’t give much thought to what they’d be doing seven years down the line.

But here we are anyway!

They are chilling together like they just don’t care. Hollywood is the backyard to PeeCee’s home, and we can’t handle all the Insta goodness she’s been serving us.

Priyanka is now engaged to Nick Jonas, and Sophie Turner is betrothed to his older brother Joe Jonas. The eldest of them all, Kevin is already married with a kid, and it’s one big happy family. We are sure Mama Jonas is one proud bear.

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So, being engaged to two of the hottest brothers in tinsel town comes with its perks, not the least of them is having each other as the sister-in-law. Priyanka and Nick are getting married in December, and Sophie and Joe will probably get hitched early next year as well.

But hey… back to the topic…. this budding friendship between the ‘J Sisters’ (that’s what they call themselves) has us asking all sorts of questions.

Just take a look at these posts from Priyanka Chopra’s Instagram and tell us it isn’t saccha pyaar!

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Priyanka Chopra’s Hollywood life, featuring Sophie Turner:

1. Bhai, Bhai or Bharjai

2. Aao Huzoor tumko.. Sitaron key ek jahan mein le chaloon!

3.Red, White, and the Winterfell Bride!

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Red, white and Bride!!! #Bachelorette

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4. Baby…. you can’t handle this.

5. So apparently…. all’s well that end’s well!

We absolutely love their friendship!