Punjab governor dismisses Meesha Shafi’s sexual harassment case


Looks Like Meesha Shafi Has A Long Road Ahead

Previously, Meesha had filed a complaint to the governor against the Teefa In Trouble actor, under the Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2010.

However, her appeal was rejected on July 11 as Meesha wasn’t an actual employee at the time the harassment allegedly took place and so, was not bound by any formal contract. Therefore, the case does not fall under the said act.


“Meesha was not compelled in any way to work with Ali,” the Kill Dillactor’s legal team said in a statement. “The appeal was dismissed some time ago, around the same time Ali’s debut Pakistani film Teefa in Trouble was releasing. Therefore, we didn’t want the attention from the movie to be diverted,” a member from the team, Ambreen Qureshi said.

“The appeal has been dismissed on technical basis, which means when ombudsman cited the case to be not under the said act. Our plan is to appeal again on a competent forum and hopefully justice will prevail,” confirmed Meesha’s lawyer, Ahmed Pansota.

“I have always maintained that I will respect and honour whatever decision the justice system takes and that I believe justice shall be served in the best possible manner,” Ali said in a statement. meesha

Previously, Meesha’s lawyers informed the publication that the singer had filed a complaint against Ali with the ombudsman under the sexual harassment at workplace ordinance. However, since the ombudsman did not constitute on the grounds of sexual harassment at workplace appeals, the matter had to be taken to the governor.

Barrister Ahmed Pansota, who was representing Shafi in court, told Justice Shahid Kareem that his client’s complaint was first dismissed by the provincial ombudsperson in Punjab. The singer had then sent an appeal to the Punjab governor, which met the same fate.

Meesha, in her appeal filed in the LHC on Wednesday, argued that the decision given by the Punjab governor was “contrary to the law” and requested the court to overturn the verdict.

She appealed to the high court to initiate proceedings against Ali Zafar for harassment.

The high court issued pre-admission notices to Zafar, the provincial ombudsperson and the Punjab governor, demanding their responses on the matter, after which the court will decide upon the maintainability of the petition. The case has been adjourned.