Shahid Kapoor Named his Son Zain Kapoor


Shahid Kapoor reveals that Mira Rajput and he were ready with two names — Misha, if they had a baby girl and Zain, for a baby boy — when his wife gave birth to their first child together in 2016.

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput have named their son Zain, a name that could easily become a new favorite for other expecting parents interested in a Z name. (Instagram)

Shahid Kapoor revealed the name of his and wife Mira Rajput’s newborn son, Zain Kapoor, on September 7, two days after his birth. The 37-year-old Batti Gul Meter Chalu actor made the announcement on Twitter with the sweet message “Zain Kapoor is here and we feel complete. Thank you for all the wishes and blessings. We are overjoyed and so grateful. Love to all.”

Shortly after the name announcement, Shahid revealed in an interview with Pinkvilla the inspiration behind the name chosen by him and Mira for her their baby boy. If you weren’t already in love with the couple’s baby name choice for their second child together, then you’re about to be.

Shahid has said that they had decided Zain’s name before Mira gave birth to their daughter Misha Kapoor, 2, in August 2016. The couple had decided if they had a son, they would name him Zain. And when they had a son, two years later, they stuck to their earlier choice. It was less than a fortnight ago that Shahid and Mira became parents to their second child, son Zain Kapoor.

When asked “Who kept Zain’s name” — Mira or him, Shahid said,

“We kind of decided both the names together when we were having our first baby. So, when the boy happened to be, we stuck to Zain.”

However, in an interview before giving birth, Mira had said that while Misha’s name was given by Shahid, it is she who will pick a name for their second child. She also said the couple had not finalized a name. “We haven’t decided the name of the baby yet. In fact, we are open to all suggestions. Misha’s name was Shahid’s selection. So, this time, I might get to select the name,” Mira told Zoom.

But we’re glad they picked Zain. The uncommon name has a lovely meaning (Oh Baby! describes it as grace, beauty) and sound to it, and it could easily become a new favorite for other expecting parents interested in a Z name.

Meanwhile, in another interview with Rajeev Masand for CNN News18, Shahid talked about finding a balance, craving normalcy while being a star. He said that he is lucky he is married to Mira because she is as normal as it gets. And that they share a similar mindset.


Shahid also shared his views on nepotism, a hot topic after actor Kangana Ranaut and filmmaker Karan Johar’s war of words over star kids having it easy in the film industry. Shahid said he felt nepotism was largely driven by insecurity. He told Rajeev, “We are also in one of the most nepotistic times, we’ve ever been in. Everybody who has anything to do with an actor or a producer or a director kinda tries to become an actor.

And there is a lot less access to people who are not within the fraternity. And honestly, social media hasn’t really helped that because the people who tend to get noticed are the people who happen to be somebody of a celebrity. Therefore, you are in the limelight. So, it’s a big contradiction.”