[Watch] ‘Durj’ Is Here: Is Pak Cinema Ready for Cannibalism?

An insatiable hunger. A missing person. One fresh grave.


An unlikely love story under the shadows of severe mental disorder and a murder mystery, all happening as a possible cannibal is on the lose. The trailer of Durj gives us frenzied, feverish glimpses into a fantasy land, set up somewhere in Pakistan.

Shamoon Abbasi is the director of the movie as well as the lead actor.

.. and he gave us quite the scare in the trailer alone. We can’t wait to see the movie, even if it is just for his performance.

As the lead protagonist and a cannibal, Shamoon’s character is also quite smart. The trailer shows him evading the police as well as the intelligence officials, navigating the deserts with his love interest played by Sherry Shah.

So, we have a woman who’s looking for her missing husband, two khana badosh who are wandering around looking for food and warmth, a few dead, mutilated (and possibly cooked) human bodies laying around. And the police are investigating crimes without any leads.

We are already hooked!

The trailers for Durj are quite exciting. And the film is said to be based on true events!

We are anticipating great things from the movie.