Whoa! What’s Ali Zafar Doing in China?


Yesterday, Ali Zafar put up a very interesting image on his Instagram and we couldn’t help but speculate what it all meant!

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Thankfully the superstar didn’t let us hanging for long! It just so turns out that Teefa in Trouble, one of the highest grossing movies of Pakistani cinema, had been selected to represent Pakistan at the prestigious Silk Road International Film Festival [SRIFF] in Fuzhou, China, making TiT the first commercial Pakistani blockbuster to be screened at the festival.

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The conference was chaired by leaders of several Chinese film production companies. They discussed the need for strategic reciprocal policies for film production and releases and the potential for co-produced content.  Ali Zafar also addressed delegates from India, Turkey, Canada, South Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Croatia, Serbia, Malaysia, and Georgia, present at the occasion.

Ali Zafar Made All of Us Proud in China!

He said that “Pakistan has huge potential and these are very important times for our industry with a long way to go to really achieve our full potential. We welcome all dialogue and initiatives to enable us to realize this full potential.”

He highlighted that his film Teefa In Trouble grossed approximately $2.7 million from Pakistan alone with only 101 screens, whereas in comparison, Bollywood big films do big business by releasing with over 4000 screens and Chinese films now with 50,000 screens.

The Pakistani superstar when on to say that, “Considering Pakistan’s population we have a potential market of 1000-1500 screens which could easily multiply the business to 10/15 times more than its current value or beyond. Hence investment in Pakistan is sure to be lucrative”.

While in China, Ali also took some time out to meet his Chinese fans.

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#TeefainChina. Did NOT know had fans there.

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It is a matter of great pride and honor for the entire Pakistani nation that Teefa in Trouble was also privately screened to over 30 Chinese film distributors at the festival. The film was applauded for setting new benchmarks for regional cinema in terms of the production value, visual effects, cinematography, screenplay and the action sequences.

Ali Zafar is will now be working closely with the Chinese film industry to pioneer and execute a strategic cinematic plan for movies from across Pakistan and China.