Parchi actor Faizan Shaikh talking to H now


Faizan Shaikh Career

Faizan Shaikh is the son of Parveen Akbar a famous Pakistani actress. He was born is Karachi, Pakistan. Faizan was influenced by his mother’s work in the drama industry as a child. He graduated from Szabist University in production. Faizan started his career with theater and gradually climbed up towards television. He is well known for his work in drama serials like “Riffat Appa”, “Mera Naam Yousuf Hai”, “Ready Steady Go”, “Main Aur Tum 2.0” and “Ghairat”. Faizan has done some advertisements as well. He also did “Jhoot Wala Love” in 2016, a telefilm for a private channel, “Maalik” in 2016 and “Parchi” in 2017. Faizan Shaikh is also a co-host on a the morning show “Salam Zindagi”. faizan shaikh

We talked to Faizan Shaikh a.k.a Bhola from Parchi. We had a little chit chat with him about his journey, experiences and future projects.


H now: Faizan, you started working in theater first and moved to films, what difference have you seen between the two?

Faizan: In theater, an actor is in control of his performance because its live and the actor is responsible of what happens next. We can improvise at any point, this also shows an actor’s creativity. Where films are director’s medium. He controls the actor and his performance. Director is in-charged with the responsibility to take things in a systematic order. If you ask me, I would do theater any day.

faizan shaikh

H now: How has been your experience so far?

Faizan: I have been working hard and trying different characters. I have done comedy in dramas and films, (Main Aur Tum, Ready Steady Go and Parchi) but I have also tried a totally opposite characters as well (Ghairat and Maalik). I just hope that the audience likes my work and appreciates it as they have been going so far.

H now: What was the most difficult part of the film (Parchi)?

Faizan: Well, we had to shoot a sequence late at night and it started to rain. We shot this scene in Islamabad, it was very very cold. The whole team was up working really late to finish the work. Since the team was working together, it was fun as well.

faizan shaikh 

H now: So what is next in line for you, are there other projects coming soon?

Faizan: I am working on some new projects which are very good. But, can’t talk about them right now. You will have to wait and watch.