Exclusive Interview With Omer Shehzad


Omer Shehzad In Conversation

All in one, a power packed artist, Omer Shahzad has it all. He is one of the heartthrobs of Pakistan, charming and has an amazing personality. We did an exclusive interview with him, where talk and joked with him.


Q: How did you start your career?

A: I started as a model, posing for different brand and finally got my big break with Pakistan Fashion Week. Then I want for acting, I started as a struggling actor with commercials. I thought that I had a good portfolio from model, so that would help, but it didn’t’. I had to wait a long time before I hit legit rolls.

Q: What would you like to tell young boys and girls who want to work in this field?

A: Now there are platforms for the people who want to join acting and modeling. Auditions are held around the country now. They should work on your overall personality not just your looks. You should know how to communicate well, the way you talk matters a lot.

“My family background is not from Media, so I didn’t know what to do”



Q: From modeling to acting, what the future holds?

A: I always wanted to be an actor.  Now I am working on new projects like “Teri Meri Love Story” and “Jawani Phir Nai Ani 2” hoping to see myself acting in the future.

Q: We know that you have a good voice, any plans of singing in the future?

A: I am working as a vocalist right now, but you will soon hear about me doing something in the music industry as well.

Q: Who is your inspiration behind singing?

A: My inspiration and favorite singer in Pakistan is Ahmed Shehzad, I would like to sing his song “Aj Ki Raat”.

We also played a round of rapid fire question which Omer enthusiastically answered.


Q: What do you prefer the most, acting or modeling?

A: Acting, its my passion.

Q: Who is your best friend in media industry?

A: no one.

Q: Who has been the best co star?

A : Fariya Mehmood

“I am getting married soon”


Q: Your hobbie?

A: Singing, always.

Q: Something no one knows about you?

A: I eat anda paratha at breakfast and I am getting married soon.

Q: A craziest fan in counter?

A: I was traveling and some girl moved on the set nest to me. She asked me many questions throughout the flight, some of the questions were very personal. I couldn’t answer many of the questions, I felt very shy.


Q What puts you in a bad mood?

A: Anything unfair.

Q: Food in Karachi or food in Lahore?

A: Karachi

Q: Biryani ya Palao?

A: Palao

Q: What do the following actors have that you don’t?

Humayun Saeed?

A: personality

Faawad Khan?

A: Face

Hamza Ali Abbas?

A: Voice

 Q: Rate the following actress in terms of acting?

Sanam Saeed?

A: 10

Urwa Hussain?

A: 7

Sajal Ali?


Ushana Shah?

A: 9

Kubra Khan?

A: 8