An Exclusive Interview With Zarnish Khan


Zarnish Khan is a well known name by now. She has shown her acting skills in many popular dramas. She started her career in 2014 with the drama serial “Muhabbat Ab Nahi Hogi” for a private tv channel. Her work was appreciated by many actors and directors. Her kick starter was “Mera Sasural” for which she also won a Hum Style Award for best soap actress in 2015. She is famous for her intense and dramatically sympathizing characters.

 E-Town did an exclusive interview with her to ask her about her work experience and the journey so far. We also did some interesting yet funny rapid fire question which she answered enthusiastically.

zarnish khan


H now: You have tried many genres in terms of acting, which is your favorite so far?

Zarnish: There is no favorite, I have been experimenting so far. Mostly I have done intense characters (in Mera Saural, Sun Yaara and Iss Chand Pe Daagh Nahi) and few bubbly sorts (like Dil Main Baji Ghanti and Manchali). Now I would like to try negative characters to spice things up.

H now: Are you working on any new projects including films?

Zarnish: I am working on some new projects but, there are no movies in the pipeline. I do not have any plans for a movie. Yes, if I am offered one I would love to try.

zarnish khan

H now: What kind of a character would you like to do(in the film)?

Zarnish: I would like to do film which is character based, without a lot of glamour. A film that have a good story, strong character and a message in it.

H now: What would you have been if you weren’t an actor?

Zarnish: I want to be so many things when I was a kid. I wanted to be an interior designer, a fashion designer, anything do with fashion, styling and decorations. I want to make things look pretty.

H now: What will be your 3 wishes, if you find a magic lamp?

Zarnish: I would only ask for one wish which would be, that all my future wishes would come true.

It was so much fun talking to Zarnish Khan, we hope that you had fun reading, as much as we did while talking to her.