The Mooroo: Taimoor Salahuddin


A day with the amazing Taimoor Salahuddin AKA Mooroo.

As the stage is prepared and the lights are being placed Mooroo is sitting in with our host Dino Ali. Mooroo is super funny and friendly and feels like we have known him for a long time. It feels this way, perhaps we have seen his videos a lot.

He takes his place on the stage and the show begins.

Dino introduces him to the audience and start conversing.

  • Dino: Who do you manage your work?
  • Mooroo: As I am working I set a schedule for myself. I try to complete a video in a week including production and posting. But many time it take 2 weeks.
  • Dino: Being a social media personality, a film maker, Youtuber, and singer. How would you describe yourself?
  • Taimoor: I am all those things you said. A few years back I said that I express myself with songs and my music but now I have realized that You-tubing and making films is my way of expressing and putting down a point of view.

Now Mooroo wanted to ask Dino the same question that” Ap bhi ak singer hain or ap Tv per hosting bhi karte hain tou phir aap kon hain?”

And Dino had a very simple answer “yaar main tou Dino hoon.”

Mooroo went on telling how people confuse him with Dino and Dino with him. How cool is that!

  • Dino: Being a fan I want to ask, because you give out a lot of access to your life through your videos, isn’t it also giving up your privacy?
  • Taimoor: I personally don’t mind because, I make videos on sensitive topics many times and I feel people need to relative to me, when I talk about it. That makes my viewers feel connected to me. They know all about me so now they are ready to listen this from me as well.

On the other hand I respect others privacy,

I would ask my friends before recording or going live if they mind.
  • Dino: Your music and the style is very different from the other so how do you come up with it?
  • Taimoor: People think in different ways, what they have seen and been influenced by shape their opinion. I watch different cinemas so that’s what inspires me and that’s what shows in my videos.
  • Dino: Now let’s talk about your music video “Mariyam” how was the experience?
  • Taimoor: “Mariyam” was very difficult to shot, it took us 17 days to create that 4 minutes video and a month in pre-production.
  • Dino: Why 17 days?
  • Taimoor: The video is something called “Stop motion”. Everything is placed step by step and a single picture is taken with each step. We would stay still from time to time and the thing would be placed differently.  Later when it’s all joined together it creates a video.
  • Dino: Wow. That would have been something. So which was the toughest video to make and the most fun?
  • Taimoor: “Mariyam” was the toughest to make, there was a lot of body pain involved and the most fun ones are which do without scripting.
  • Dino: The craziest fan encounter?
  • Taimoor: I was in London some time ago and I was dinning with a friend in a restaurant. Suddenly there was pounding on the stair case and we got scared as if something was about to happen. I huge guy comes up, he’s got a mask and gloves on. He points at me and says “You!” he is walking up to us I am thinking this is my last day and he hugs me. That guy was my fan!

That was a day well spend with THE MOOROO.