Natasha Humaira Ejaz


Natasha In The House

Natasha Humaira Ejaz is a Pakistani singer, song writer and producer. She has been working in the music industry for past 12 years. She started her career with “Uth Records” in 2010, singing “today is a Place”. The song received lots of popularity due to Natasha’s different singing style. Natasha is also an actor, artist and a vocal couch in Malaysia.

We invited Natasha to our studios to talk about her work, new projects, experiences and the journey so far.

Natasha is someone who takes their time in producing something and that something is very well thought out, from the heart and amazing.

We welcomed Natasha on our show and she was very excited to be on the get though, she confessed being nerves. “The set of the show gives me late night show vibes”, she said.


“I started with Uth Records”

Natasha is young and talented musician, we asked her to tell us how her journey began? “Well I always wanted to act, dance and sing but, my journey started when my first single back out in 2010. “Today is a Place” was recorded by Sarmad Ghafoor who gave me the first chance and recorded me in his home and Usman Mukhtar made the music video”.

“In 2011 during my collage time joined Uth Records, I went ahead and did the show. I sang “The Right Way To Fall” which became the most downloaded song of that year for Uth records. Since then I have been working and making new music”, she added.

We congratulated her on her new single “God In Me”. The song is about all realizations and experiences. “I wrote the song after a really bad time in my life, I had gone through an enough patch. I wrote this song to comfort me through that time. Well it helped me so I thought; if it helped me it might do the same for someone else”, she said. She was we open and expressive about her feelings related to the song that, kept us interested.


“The film will floor the audiences”

We wanted to talk about her film “Allahyar And The legend Of The Markhore” and her character in it. Natasha explained that, “the movie is a purely Pakistani animated film. It revolves around a young boy as he has an adventures journey in the forests of Pakistan”. “My character is the Markhore which I had to audition for, I received the script and it said that the character sound like a 9 to 10 year old. And I thought to myself, I got this, I already sound so young so I got this”, Natasha added.

“The movie is amazing, the animation, the story and specially the character of “chakor” will floor the audiences. I am very excited for the movie come out, it is a complete family oriented film and entertainment for all”, she said.

Natasha has been working on other music projects as well, so we asked her what comes next for her to which she said, “people can expect to hear me in the “cake” film sound track, “Allahyar” sound track and I am working on my second single for the year so they can also expect that soon”.

Finally we asked her to say something to the new musicians and to advise them. “I just want to let you people to keep trying, don’t let anyone tell what you have to do, do want you think is right and what feels right. Don’t try to fit into a box, just be yourself and do what you want to do in your own style”, Natasha said.


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