In The Memory Of Ahmed Rushdi


Ahmed Rushdi The Legend

Ahmed Rushdi is a Pakistani legend. One of the most celebrated music icon in south Asia. Ahmed Rushdi was a play back singer and played a great role in changing the music industry in Pakistan. He was mostly popular due to his unique voice and incredible high pitch. His voice would tone in with the emotions of the song and come out very mesmerizing. He is considered as one of the most versatile vocalists of South Asia and was capable of singing variety of songs.ahmedAhmed Rushdi has recorded the highest number of film songs in the history of Pakistani cinema. He sang in Urdu, English, Punjabi, Bengali, Sindhi and Gujarati languages. He was the most successful and popular from the mid-1950s to early 1980s. Ahmed Rushdi was causally know as Waleed Murad’s voice. He sang many popular songs that we still hum are: “Bandar Road Se Kimari”, “Akele Na Jana”, “Bhooli Hui Hoon Dastan”, Haan Isi Moor Par Is Jagha Beth Kar”, “Tumhain Kaisay Bata Doon”, “Ko Ko Koreena”, “Kuch Loag Rooth Kar Bhi”, Bhabi Meri Bhabi Tum Jiyo Hazaron Saal. These are just some of his 5000 songs which he recorded for 583 film.ahmedAhmed Rushdi was a heart patient since 1976. He was advised by the doctors to abstain from singing but he refused. As he said music was his life. When he had the second heart attack in 1981, he was composing a musical album with the singer Mujeeb Aalam. On the night of April 11, 1983, he had the third heart attack. He was immediately taken to the hospital but pronounced dead by the doctors. He was 48. Ahmed Rushdi was buried at Sakhi Hassan Graveyard, Karachi.