Common Sense

About Common Sense Show

Common Sense host Sherry Khan goes around the town to different educational institutes in effort to showcase your common sense. From tongue twisters to simple riddles and every day observances, this show tickles your funny bone while forcing you to think creatively.

Being an interactive show, it engages live audiences in everyday situations. We tell historic facts in our segment “Mera Pakistan” and health tips. In our segment “Aangan” with host Jalisha Qureshi we teach you how to recreate, organize, utilize and conveniently decorate your home without paying high amount of money. In our segment “Happy Ka Birthday” we wish our audience on their birthdays.

Common Sense –  is an entertainment and informative show

Our host plays roles of fictional and real characters to interact with audience, he dresses up as different characters which are kids friendly like Charlie Chaplain and P.k. His most liked and appreciated character is P.k from an Indian movie pretending to be an alien. Kid from school like him a lot and engage with him easily. Our show is a perfect example of entertainment with education.

Host : Sharry Khan

Show Timing
  • Fresh: Saturday & Sunday 06:30 pm
  • Repeat: Saturday 01:00

Producer: Manoj Kumar

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