A tribute to the legend Ahmed Rushdi


Celebrating Ahmed Rushdi

Ahmed Rushdi was a Pakistani playback singer and also known as Waheed Murad’s voice. He was a versatile singer with a deep emotional connection. Ahmed Rushdi sang more then 4000 songs for over 500 films. 11th April marks his 35th death anniversary. On this memorable occasion let’s take a look at some of his most famous songs.

ahmed rushdi

The Beginning

 His first hit was “Bandar Road Se Kimari” in 1950s for Radio Pakistan. Soon he got the recognition he deserved and got the chance to play back for the movie “Bara Admi” in 1956. He also sang “Mari Lela Ne Aisi” for Anokhi 1956, “Chalak Rahi Hain Mastiyan” and “Chal Na Sakey Gi 420” for Raaz in 1959. Ahmed lends his voice to Nadeem Baig in Chakori 1967 for all the songs. He “Kabhi Toe Tum Ko Yaad Ayen Gi”, “Pyare Pyare Yar Humare” and “Tujhe Chahein Meri Bahein”.

In the same year, film Doraha and Shehnai were released. He recorded all the songs for these films including “Bhooli Hue Hoon Dastan”, “Tumhein Kaise Bta Doon”, “Han Issi Mor Per” for film Dobara. “Tujhey Apney Dil Se Mei Kaise”, “Nazaron Se Haseen Hai”and “Dunya Mei Tumko Jeena Hai Agar” for film Shehnai.

ahmed rushdi

His Memory

Ahmed Rushdi sang for Waheed Murad in 1969 film Naseeb Apna Apna. The song “Ae Abr-e-Kaaram Aaj Itna Baras”. In 1969, the film Andaleeb was released. The song “Kuch Log Rooth Ker Bhi” was a hit just like Armaan’s song “Akele Na Jaana” in 1966. Ahmed sang four solos and one duet for Waheed in1972 the film Khalish, “Honto Pe Tera Naam, “Kal Achanak Jo Sar-E-Rah Mili Thi”, “Ghussey Mei Gulabi Gaal” and “Pyar Hota Hai”.

ahmed rushdi

He remained a leading singer between 1954 and 1983. He sang for all the famous actors of Pakistan film industry. Ahmed Rushdi recorded his last song “Ban Ke Misra Ghazal Ka” in 1983 for film Hero, which was picturised on Waheed Murad and the song was a hit.