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Here Is The Real Story Of Anand Kumar, The Character Hrithik Roshan Is Playing In Super 30

Last year, Vikas Bahl of queen fame announced that he will make a film with Hrithik Roshan chronicling the experience of Patna based mathematician Anand Kumar. While Hrithik’s look from the film look came long back, the makers have recently released the first poster of the film.

In the film, Hrithik Roshan will be seen essaying the role Anand Kumar who grabbed headlines for running a coaching institute that helped students from underprivileged backgrounds to crack IIT JEE exams. He claimed that 26 out of his 30 students cracked IIT.

However, recently Anand Kumar has been embroiled in a series of controversies owing to which the makers have decided to not call Hrithik Roshan’s Super 30 a biopic and has also changed a few aspects of the story. Here are the serious allegation that has been against Anand Kumar, the man Hrithik on whom Hrithik’s character in Super 30.

False Super 30 Claims

Hrithik Roshan

Anand Kumar became famous when it was reported that out of his batch of 30 underprivileged students, named Super 30, 26 got into IIT. However, recently it was revealed that only 4 out of the batch of 30 cleared the advanced JEE but no one really got into IIT. Anand Kumar is yet to react on the allegations.

Commercial Coaching

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Anand Kumar also faced another serious allegation pertaining to his institute Ramanujan School of Mathematics. While Kumar announced that every year he will prepare 30 underprivileged students for IIT entrances without any fees. However, later it was reported that students who came to enroll for the Super 30 programme were pushed to Ramanujam School of Mathematics, which is a profit making institute. In fact, the turnover of the institute is said to be about 1 crore annually.

False Research Paper Claims

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Anand Kumar in his biography claimed that his research paper Happy Numbers was published in the Journal of the University of Sheffield. However, the prestigious university completely refuted his claims.

Threatening The Police

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One of his employees from the institute named Jitendra was nabbed by the cyber crime cell for spreading fake news on Facebook. But when police came to arrest him Anand was accused of threatening the police.

Benami Properties

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While he might claim to be a crusader of a fair chance in education, his name has been dragged into same not so fair and dubious cases. Anand’s name has cropped in benami property cases and he has been accused of buying benami properties under the name of his family members. There are 22 properties registered under the name of his mother alone.

KBC Controvers

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In 2017, Anand Kumar appeared in one of the special episodes of Kaun Banega Crorepati and won Rs. 25 lakhs which he promised to donate. Now that one year has passed since the episode and the next season of KBC is here, Anand has still not donated his winning amount anywhere.