Faysal Quraishi to Return to Sliver Screen after a Decade


Aced director Sohail Javed recently spilled the beans over his first feature film project.

We have known Sohail Javed for quite a while now. Earlier it was for his music videos and commercials and recently for his behind the lens action in Tilley Wali Jooti for Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2. Sohail has been acing all that he has done and now he’s up for another big task.


In an exclusive interview, Sohail shared his plans for the upcoming Faysal Qureshi starrer which is going to be the actor’s comeback to silver screen after a decade and the director’s first feature film directorial.

“It’s a love story, but it’s not going to be a rom-com at all. It’s very, very serious story that we have taken up,” shared Sohail regarding the untitled film that will be going to floors by the end of this December.


“When I say it’s a serious film, it basically means that the story is serious. Otherwise it has all the ingredients of a commercial film, it’s scenic, captivating and has six songs too,” added the director, who also hinted that some of the big names are going to be working on the film’s music.

While Sohail’s did not have much details to share on the cast – which will be announced by next month – he surely seemed ecstatic to have versatile actor Faysal Qureshi on board both as the lead and co-producer.

“Faysal has done about 19 films in his early days and those were all the commercial films with songs and dance etc. – which by the way he’ll be doing in this one too,” said Sohail.Faysal

Adding further he said, “But the reason why Faysal was the first one to whom this script was narrated is that he’s probably the only actor who understood the need of telling this story. Who was willing to take up a serious film that will base on a strong storyline.”

“The thing with serious movies is that nobody is really willing to put in a lot of money in that. While this might not be a very big budget film it’s a reasonably good budgeted film,” said Sohail of the movie.

We have already seen Faysal and Sohail as friends and work partners in the past, however this time – in Sohail’s words – the duo is up to ‘something audiences have not seen before’.


“This is very close to our hearts and it’s definitely something that you have never seen before, take my word for it!” said Sohail with confidence beaming through his voice.

We are definitely keeping an eye on this project which already has quite a promsing stuff to begin with. Here’s wishing Sohail and Faysal all the best for this endeavour