Kasauti Zindagi Ki Returns Back to Your TV Screens This Month


Kasauti Zindagi Kay Is Back

A decade after it went off air, Kasauti Zindagi Kay is back with the same lal dupatta, but with different faces. The spirit of the show remains the same, so do the names of the characters. The faces have changed, but their destiny remains the same.

The latest trailer of Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 is high on romance as it has none other than the King of romance Shah Rukh Khan announcing the return of the love story of two star-crossed lovers Prerna and Anurag who he compares to like sky and earth that never meet.

Kasauti Zindagi Kay

SRK who has spread his charm in numerous romantic movies sprinkles in some Bollywood magic as he introduces the two characters by flinging the red dupatta to their direction.

“Kabhi rail ki patriyon ko gaur se dekha hai? Ek ajeeb sa rishta hota hai inme. Meelon tak saath chalti hai lekin kabhi ek nahi hoti. Anurag aur Prerna inki story bhi kuch aisi hai. Ek jameen to ek aasmaan. Sadiyon se saath, lekin dooriyan barkarar. Aakhir chahat ke safar mein kitni kasautiyon se guzrega inka pyaar,” he says dreamily. (Have you ever seen railway tracks closely. They have a strange relation. They travel together for miles, but never meet. The story of Anurag and Prerna is similar. They are like sky and earth that have been together for centuries, but maintain a distance. For long their love will have to undergo hardships?)

Kasauti Zindagi Kay

As he’s saying these lines, a lal dupatta comes flying and kisses his face. SRK takes it and flings it in the air, which goes on to cover Erica and Parth’s faces. The lovers are standing near two different railway tracks. They can see each other, but can’t meet. Prerna’s dupatta takes its final flight and reaches Parth, and the trailer ends.

Kasauti Zindagi Kay

“Anurag and Prerna..! they were so different no one could imagine them with each other not even them themselves… destiny laughed fate smiled and said you both will always be with each other ….no not LIVE with each other but LIVE FOR each other! Introducing Anurag PLAYED BY @the_parthsamthaan n Prerna PLAYED BY @iam_ejf two karmically connected lovers …introduced by the KING OF ROMANCE @iamsrk #kasautizindagiki #mugshot #mugshotlove #anurag #prerna”

oth Parth and Erica make the perfect Prerna and Anurag and a lot of detailing seems to have gone into their characters. Their eyes speak, and the rest is covered by well, the lal dupatta, that certainly is able to recreate the magic of previous Kasauti.

Apart from Parth and Erica, Pooja Banerjee has been confirmed as Anurag’s sister Nivedita Basu.

Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 is all set to air on September 25 at 8 pm, Mon-Fri.