Motorcycle girl to hit the roads on 20th April


Fasten Your Seat Belts Because The Motorcycle Girl Is Coming

The Pakistani biopic Motorcycle Girl is all set to hit the cinemas. By the makers of film Shah, this biopic is about Zenith Irfan the real motorcycle girl. Zenith is reportedly the first Pakistani female to ride solo and to cover such a long distance. The film also tells her emotional back story with her family and the journey that made her the motorcycle girl.


Director Adnan Sarwar and produced by Jami, motorcycle girl has Sohai Ali Abro playing Zenith’s character. The makers are hoping to create an impact against our social norms and taboos against Pakistani girls.


The film’s official trailer released in March 2017 but didn’t get much hip. As off recently the movie is making a stair in the media. In a recent interview Sohai said sharing her thoughts that, she is very happy to be a part of this film and honored to be playing Zenith. Also adding she said that, she is hoping to raise knowledge about the taboo issue of our society and that the story will inspire young girls to follow their hearts.


The story, the visuals and the acting looks promising but. We will have to wait and watch what the movie actually brings to the road. Motorcycle girl releases on 20th of April 2018, so don’t miss it.