Prince Narula and Yuvika To Marry Soon!


Prince Narula and Yuvika Chaudhary to tie the kont

It is raining engagements and weddings in the glamour world! Before we begin, let us ask you a question. How does it feel when a relationship, you thought would never survive, ends up in a marriage? Amazing, right? Life is made up of such little uncertainties and that it what makes it worth-living!

Similar is the story of lovebirds, Prince Narula and his fiancée, Yuvika Chaudhary. The couple had met in the Bigg Boss house and what many people termed as a TRP-grossing stunt, Prince and Yuvika broke all reality-show love stereotypes. The couple is set to become each other’s forever on October 13, 2018 in a grand Punjabi wedding.


Did you know something? While Prince was still in the Bigg Boss house, his mother came to meet Yuvika’s family with the rishta! In an interview with The Times of India, Yuvika also spoke about how destiny played an important role in making them meet. The Om Shanti Om actress shared, “We were strangers inside the Bigg Boss house. While Prince developed a strong liking for me in the beginning of our stay, I wanted to take some time. We fell in love much after the show ended.

I even told him inside the house that if he is trying to be pally with me for the ratings, I am the wrong girl.”


She further continued, “However, his feelings were genuine. He would often tell me that I should talk more, as he feared that I wouldn’t last for long on the show (laughs!). We are one of those few jodis whose love blossomed on the reality show. In fact, I was all set to fly off to New York for a course and changed my plans just a day prior to entering the house. Also, I had been declining their offer almost every season. I was taken by surprise when his mother came to my family with his rishta when he was still inside the house. So, in a way, Prince and I were destined to be together. I tell him jokingly that he came to Mumbai for me.”

Like every bride, Yuvika too, is getting some serious pre-wedding jitters. Speaking about the same, she shared in an interview, “Yes, of course, I have jitters, and this is a different stage of my life. When the marriage date comes close, you have jitters and excitement both. It’s a different life altogether. The beauty of our culture is that a girl has to leave her home.


I have been living with my family so yes it’s a big change for me.”

Also, don’t you all want to know where and when the soon-to-be married couple will go for their honeymoon? Yuvika shared with TOI that fiancé Prince is planning a surprise for her. Aren’t you all excited? Also a recent interesting and adorable picture posted by Yuvika had the lovebirds together with couple t-shirts put on, which had some adorable words written about marriage on it. Sharing the picture on Instagram, Yuvika captioned the picture as, “Someday I will marry him @princenarula” and Prince replied with an adorable, “Mwah”! Checkout the image and Prince’s reply:


Needless to say, both Prince and Yuvika are head-over-heels in love with each other. Expressing the same, Prince has tattooed Yuvika’s name on his back and has even changed his Instagram name to ‘Prince Yuvika Narula’ but asked Yuvika not to do so. Do you know why? The handsome Splitsvilla winner shared in an interview with TOI, “I changed my handle in March; it’s just that people noticed it only recently. Why should only women change their names after marriage? I am the other half in this relationship. Also, I fell in love with her first and so, I should contribute equally if not more. I didn’t add her name to mine for publicity. In fact, I got her name inked on the back of my neck in February. If I were seeking publicity out of it, I would have done it on Valentine’s Day.”

Guys, gear up to see Prince and Yuvika tie the knot soon and stay tuned in here for more updates!