Suhana Khan is receiving some serious slamming over the Vogue cover.


Suhana Khan, Vogue Seriously?

Nepotism is an unfortunate plague in Bollywood. With star kids skipping the thorny ladder to fame to settle at the supple top, relishing in all the glory with India’s most influential directors cozying them up in their films. While we’ve at most come to accept that this epidemic isn’t dying out anytime soon, 18-year-old Suhana Khan aka Shah Rukh Khan’s adolescent daughter just made the cover of Vogue – and well, no one really gets why.


She’s got ZERO experience in the acting field. She’s still in college and while close friends within Bollywood have been celebrating such an achievement. The rest of the world is pretty (and rightly) pissed.


While Shah Rukh Khan was naturally very proud of this revealing moment, the editorial spread has received tremendous backlash.

But many couldn’t stop and suggest that, this is nepotism at its peek

Suhana is not only without any experience, also achievements to back up her being on the cover. She is also being called the successor to Jahnvi Kapoor as she was on the cover last month. Jahnvi had also received slamming over the cover and many called her an opportunist.