Zoheb Hassan threatens legal action against sister Nazia’s ex husband


Zoheb Hassan, on Sunday, revealed that Nazia Hassan’s ex husband is in talks to make a film on the late singer.

Zoheb Hassan

The 51-year-old singer further added that the Hassan family will be opting for a legal route in case any one involves in the aforementioned project.

Zoheb, in a Facebook post, wrote, “The Hassan family has come to know that Nazia’s ex-husband is trying to make a film on her life so he can feature himself and further profit from her name and fame.”

The Dosti singer further added, “Anyone entertaining this individual shall be duly and legally sued by our family as he has no legal right or basis to do so.”

Zoheb Hassan

“Furthermore, we hold full publishing rights of all our music worldwide and any attempted infringement of our catalog shall be subject to legal cost and consequence,” he added.

Previously, in an interview, Zoheb responded to rumors about biopics on his late sister.

“A lot of people came to me saying that they want to make a film on Nazia but my family has been very reluctant. It’s a very sensitive thing and Nazia is no more so she can’t represent herself,” he had said.

Zoheb further added that many film-makers from across the border has approached him as well for a film.

“However, I was approached by someone from Bollywood who assured me that they would only show the film how Nazia’s family would want it to be shown. I told them that I didn’t want any dance numbers or a typical Bollywood flick because our life wasn’t like that. I wanted to make something that the film was a true representation of us,” the singer added.

Zoheb Hassan

“So yes, there is a film based on both of our lives. The story is about a brother-sister duo –  Nazia and I – who start with Sohail Rana’s program in Karachi that takes them to London,” continued Zoheb.

“Once they get there, things don’t come easy and everyone tries to pull them down. But Nazia was a fighter; she would protect me and make sure that no one said anything negative to us or to Pakistan. She was very patriotic,” he concluded.

Talking about the plot of the film, Zoheb said it was agreed upon by the Hassan family as it shows the true representation of Nazia.

Zoheb Hassan

“Basically, it’s about the struggle of a two siblings who grew up together and faced all the highs and lows with a backdrop of our music. Also, we wanted to film to be made from the UK but there’s a consortium of a Pakistani, Indian and an international company,” Zohed had revealed.

“I have completed the script with the scriptwriter and we are currently in the casting process. A few actors from Bollywood were nominated to play my character but I told them that there has to be a Pakistani element to the film, otherwise I will not do it. So there will definitely be some Pakistani cast in the film. I am also doing a cameo in this film with the actor who plays Nazia. It’ll be the end shot,” concluded the Jaana singer.