About Jhooti Drama

H now – Jhooti Darma –  is not you’re every day love story revolving around a girl and a boy facing all the odds to be together but, it’s a story of a love that must overcome the barrier of memory, where secrets, lies, revenge, crime, romance and jealousy go hand in hand. A story where you must watch your back no one can be trusted and everyone is an enemy.

H now Jhooti – The story revolves around a mysterious girl Reina who has lost her memory and can’t remember life before the accident. She ends up marring a business tycoon Victor de Rosas. Reina always feels out of place and she is in search to belong somewhere, when she meets Nicolas Nunez and she falls in love with him. Nicolas is an agent for a secret service where he is responsible for investigating a case revolves around 4 red diamonds which are very valuable. Nicolas has proved that Victor is a criminal hiding his crimes behind his business and also responsible for red diamond ending up in the black market.  Now Reina and Nicolas fight to keep their relationship and to find all the red diamond and secure them back to their right place – H now Jhooti

Show timing on H now

Fresh: Monday to Wednesday 11:00pm

Jhooti Cast:

  • Paola Núñez as Reina Ortíz
  • Eugenio Siller as Nicolás Núñez / Javier Bolivar de Rosas
  • Juan Soler as Víctor de Rosas
  • Catherine Siachoque as Estefanía Pérez Hidalgo
  • Laura Flores as Sara Smith / Virginia de la Vega

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