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H now – The story of mahrani is an adaptation of Empress Gi’s life, her love, her sacrifice and her journey of becoming the empress. The story revolves around a girl born in the Goryeo dynasty but in a very young age she was given as tribute to the Yuan dynasty. Later due to her beauty and influential personality she caught the eye of an emperor. Ki ends up marring the emperor and becoming the great empress Ki.

The drama takes you through out the history of china and beautifully portrays the characteristics of the empress. Mahrani focuses on the empress’s loving, kind and influential personality as well as mind for political affairs. The drama also show cases show empress Ki has played an important role in changing the mind set, improving political situations and fighting her way through the conservative mind set about male dominating society.

H now mahrani drama received high praises as the audience appreciated the level of accuracy with history and fare play of dramatization. The rating of the show was off the charts as it hit the screens locally as well as internationally – H now mahrani drama

Show timing on H now

  • Fresh: Monday to Friday 09:00 pm
  • Repeat: Monday to Friday 12:00 am


  • Ha Ji-won as Empress Ki / Ki Seung Nyang
  • Hyun Seung-min as young Ki Seung Nyang
  • Joo Jin-mo as Wang Yoo (Chunghye of Goryeo)
  • Ahn Do-gyu as young Wang Yoo
  • Ji Chang-wook as Toghon Temür / Ta Hwan
  • Kim Ji-han as Tal Tal (Toqto’a)
  • Baek Jin-hee as Tanashiri (Danashiri)
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    please upload all episodes of maharani on youtube or other websites please give me the link where you upload all maharani episodes

  2. Abdullah Mehdi says

    When Mahrani’s next episode will com??? Just can not wait…………

  3. Ali ahsan says

    Please upload all episodes. As early as possible

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