10 Tips for Making A Restaurant-Quality Salad


Ever notice how restaurant salads are always Instagram-worthy works of art? No one likes a soggy limp salad an here are our top 10 tips for creating perfect salads.

  1. Use vegetables that are in season and fresh.

Out – of- season vegetables can be disguised by heat cooking but for a salad, use the best vegetables you can find as they are the star of the show.

2. De-seed watery vegetables.

No one likes a watery salad that is not fresh and crunchy. Remove the seeds from tomatoes and cucumbers before adding them to your salad.

3. Season your salad AFTER you’ve added everything.

Only after you have added all the elements – leafy greens, protein, vegetables, fruit, nuts and dressing then only should you see if your salad needs additional seasoning.

Aerial view of people getting food

4. Rethink your salad greens

Use herbs like cilantro or parsely as a salad base or mix your greens like rocket and spinach or a simple salad leaf and Iceberg lettuce. They will add more dimension, crunch and texture to your salads.

5. Dress to balance.

When it comes to dressing your salad, it is all about balance. Your dressing should have something salty, sweet, sour and spicy to make all the components in your salad come alive.

6. Taste and Leaf.

Taste your dressing by dipping a salad leaf in it and chewing that instead of trying it straight from the spoon.

7. Sprinkle the nuts in the end.

Add seeds and cheese sprinkled on top of individual salad bowls so that they retain their crunch and flavor and not sink in a pool of dressing at the bottom.

8. Timing is key.

It goes without saying that leafy salads should be prepared as close to eating them as possible while grain or pasta based salads should rest in the fridge for an hour to let the flavors meld.

9. Rethink your dressings.

Some interesting dressings are thinned out hummus or using nut butters instead of mayo or sour cream for creamy dressings.

10. Make it look attractive!

Plate your salad with each component arranged attractively on the plate. When you sprinkle the nuts or seeds on top, your guests will look forward to digging in.