Tips for Easy Cooking on A Budget

This week, Paka Dey is tackling eating on a budget and how that can be achieved realistically. We will start off with five easy tips that you can incorporate in to your life and enjoy healthy, nutritious food.
  1. Embrace #meatlessMondays.

The world over, people are turning to vegetarianism and veganism as environmental concerns and the sustainability of providing meat for human consumption come to the forefront; it is idea if one starts embracing meatless Mondays. Once you start cooking with fresh vegetables, beans and grains, you will see how be amazed at the variety of dishes you can create. Here are three recipes to try here.

2. Mix your own spice blends.

Making your own spice blends can save you rupees in the long run and are so healthy to make. You are saved from the additional preservatives and you can make amounts that you will realistically use. Check out 5 blends you can make here.

3. Work through your non perishables.

Pasta, rice, nuts, canned foods when combined with fresh vegetables and herbs make for wholesome, nutritious and budget friendly meals. It is important to work through your pantry, fridge and freezer to make sure you use up what you have rather than craving in and ordering take-out.

4. Never go grocery shopping without a list.

Shopping with a list kills two birds with one stone. It makes you plan your meals for the week and makes you not spend on pre-packaged snacks that are not healthy for you.

5. Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.

This goes without saying but shopping on an empty stomach will make you grab processed, convenience foods that will only give you a sugar rush and make you crash later. Always grocery shop after you have eaten and have your list with you so you only stick to the essentials.