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Piyaa Albela is based on an ancient love story of “Menaka” and “Vishwamitra” and a modern day take on the story. The drama revolves around “Naren” rich rebel kid who gets what he wants. Naren has interest in spirituality and mind, he is learning psychology and soul and “Pooja” who is a claim, confident, athletic and kind girl. She enjoys doing classical dance as well as being social. Pooja and Naren are like east and west, completely different from each other.

Even having personalities poles apart their paths are crossed in some strange events. Pooja and Naren’s bonds are tied together. But as every love story goes, they have many hurdles to cross before they can be actually together.

Show timing


  • Monday to Wednesday 08:30 pm
  • Thursday & Friday 10:30 pm


  • Akshay Mhatre as Naren Harish Vyas (Main Male lead)
  • Sheen Dass as Pooja Naren Vyas (Main Female lead)
  • Ankitt Vyas as Rahul Vyas, Naren’s cousin
  • Ritu Chauhan as Surbhi Rahul Vyas, Naren’s ex-fiancée, Rahul’s wife and Yash’s daughter
  • Avinash Wadhawan as Harish Vyas, Naren’s father
  • Jyoti Gauba as Supriya Harish Vyas, Naren’s mother
  • Khalid Siddiqui as Ashish Kapoor
  • Saptrishi Ghosh as Yash Singhania/Bhola Babu, Harish’s friend
  • Mamta Verma as Shilpa Singhania, Surbhi’s mother

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