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About Swabhimaan Show

Swabhimaan – The show revolves around Sharadha and her loving daughters Meghna and Naina. Who have recently graduated and have big plans for their future. Sharadha is a respected school teacher and a single mother who raised her daughters with love, pride and courage. All Sharadha wants is a happy life for her daughters and loving husbands. The family moves to their relative’s house in order for Sharadha to look for suitable marriage proposals for her independent daughters.

Sharadha’s daughters Meghna and Naina are highly educated and passionately independent girls. Who believe they are no less than any man. Now it’s time for them to move forward in life with Swabhimaan to make a family and live their happily ever after.

The challenge is to find men who accept them for them, after many issues that also happen but it’s not the happily ever after yet. They have face many hardships and ups and downs to get to what they want. They must fight with every difficulty and raise higher – Swabhimaan

Show timing

Repeat: Monday to Friday 11:30 am

Swabhimaan Cast

  • Sangeita Chauhan as Meghna Kunal Singh Chauhan née Solanki
  • Ankitta Sharma as Naina Karan Singh Chauhan née Solanki
  • Prachi Shah as Shardha Solanki – Meghna and Naina’s mother
  • Saahil Uppal as Kunal Singh Chauhan
  • Samridh Bawa as Karan Singh Chauhan

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