Undekha Wajood

About Undekha Wajood Show

There’s evidence of the afterlife everywhere we look, from an empty rocking chair that moves all by itself to shadowy apparitions coalescing in corners. Can you make out all the voices and interpret the words from beyond the grave? Come join us on H Now Entertainment every Saturday night at 11 pm.

Undekha Wajood is a paranormal investigation show, where our team visit places suspected of ghost hauntings or paranormal activities and disturbance. We inspect and investigate through our ghost hunting equipment EMF Meter (electronic magnetic frequency), Ghost meter Pro, EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), motion detector and scientific tricks.

Undekha Wajood team members set out to investigate these haunted places and try to communicate with the entities present here. They judge the scenario by feelings, investigating and with help of their ghost equipment. Faraz and Tayyab share their feelings and explain to the audience what is happening as they move around the place.

Host: Faraz Ahmed Khan & Tayyab Jajjvi.

Show timing:

  • Fresh: 11:00 Pm Saturday

Producer: Faraz Ahmed Khan

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